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Even in today’s multi-media world, words still matter.
To inform and explain. To entice and engage. Above all,
to persuade. But unless you have a distinct voice and thought-through proposition, your message may get lost
in the surrounding swirl. Fortunately, can-do can help with that…


I write copy that connects. Intelligently. Emotionally. Commercially.
The bottom line is gaining competitive advantage – helping you win the hearts and minds of the people you’re trying to reach. (And being brand-savvy, I also develop the creative concepts which underpin successful communications campaigns.)

can-do works for clients direct or the agencies that support them. Quickly. Creatively. Cost-effectively. Please try me out for:


All jobs are costed on a project basis with confidentiality assured. And if you need more than a single pen or mind for hire, I can connect you with a network of relevant suppliers in related fields. Please see can-do and-co for more information.