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can-do is the trading name of Nick Oldham – a copywriter and communications specialist with over
20 years’ experience.

I work with words and ideas in the main – using them to shift opinions, shape perceptions and engage target audiences in a clear, compelling way. That calls for a mix of commonsense and uncommon thinking in equal measure – the ability to match content to context but also ensure that copy has the creative flair to cut through marketplace clutter. (Thankfully, some pretty demanding people think I’ve just about got the hang of that by now.)

can-do works for PR consultancies, in-house comms teams, digital agencies, web-designers, graphics shops, small businesses, corporate clients and brand-owners with a hands-on approach to their marketing outreach. And being freelance, the service is essentially flexible when it comes to your copy, creative or planning needs.

So, if you’re having trouble expressing yourself or need help developing a campaign, please get in contact. And if you’re only passing through, why not bookmark this page now? After all, there might come a time when you’ll want to find out what can-do could do for you. Thanks for visiting…